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Screening for disease is an important part of Integrated Healthcare Medical Group Inc.'s personalized approach to care. From our Westwood, CA, office, we can help identify risk factors that could make patients more prone to serious medical conditions and diseases, prescribing treatments that can help lower those risk factors for better health.

Screening for Disease Q & A

What is disease screening?

Disease screenings are tests and evaluations that are performed primarily to determine if you have either diseases or risk factors that make you more prone to certain diseases. They can help Dr. Sheibani and Dr. Broukhim determine the best course of treatment including preventive measures that can help lower your risk of disease.

Why is it important to undergo screenings for disease?

Screenings are one of the most important tools a doctor can use to identify disease risk factors that can be changed or modified over time to help you prevent that disease. For instance, screening for high cholesterol and high blood pressure can help determine if you're at a higher risk for stroke or heart attack. If you are, Dr. Sheibani and Dr. Broukhim can help you make simple changes to your diet and exercise habits to help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels so you can also help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure and high cholesterol typically cause no symptoms, and many people suffer from one or both of these conditions without even knowing it, raising their risk for cardiovascular disease as well. Regular screening can help identify these conditions even when they don't cause symptoms.

What screening tests are available?

Dr. Sheibani can perform or order a wide array of screenings, including tests for:

  • diabetes

  • prostate cancer

  • high blood pressure

  • high cholesterol

  • breast cancer

  • osteoporosis

  • colorectal cancer

  • skin cancer

  • heart disease

How can I tell which health screenings I should have?

After reviewing your health information and your family health history, listening to you describe your symptoms and performing an exam, Dr. Sheibani and Dr. Broukhim will be able to determine which types of screenings are appropriate for you.