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A cough is one of the most common reasons parents bring their child to the doctor’s office. At Integrated Healthcare Medical Group Inc. in Redondo Beach and Westwood, California, Dr. Benjamin Rubinstein is highly skilled in diagnosing the root cause of your child’s cough. He also offers effective treatment options for chronic coughs that result from asthma and other medical conditions. To learn more about treating coughs, schedule an appointment online or by phone.
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Cough Q & A

What causes a cough?

A cough is a natural reflex that tries to clear mucus and other debris from the airways. It can accompany the common cold or the flu, or it may also be a sign of something more problematic.

Typically, there are two kinds of coughs. An acute cough is a symptom of allergies, environmental irritants, or an upper respiratory infection. This type of cough may last a week or more and can be dry or produce mucus.

A chronic cough is a common symptom of other medical conditions, such as asthma or gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD). It can also be the result of postnasal drip, a condition where your sinuses produce excess mucus that drips down the back of your throat, triggering the cough reflex.

A barking cough that worsens at night is known as croup, an inflammation of the larynx and trachea as a result of infection. The croup can make it difficult for your child to breathe and is contagious to others.

When should I see a doctor about my baby’s cough?

You should have Dr. Rubinstein diagnose a cough if your child experiences:

  • Wheezing
  • A high fever
  • Fast breathing
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Bluish lips, tongue, or face
  • A cough lasting longer than seven days

If your child is less than 3 months old and has a cough for more than a few hours, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rubinstein as soon as possible for a well-baby evaluation.

What treatments are available for coughs?

Dr. Rubinstein doesn’t recommend using cough medications in infants and young children. These medicines don’t treat the root cause of the cough and can cause unwanted side effects. In very young children, it’s easy to overdose them with over-the-counter medications.

If your child’s cough comes from a virus, the cough needs to run its course — treatment won’t help — but you can use a cool-mist humidifier to help your child breathe better, especially while sleeping.

For the croup, you can sit with your child for 20 minutes in a steamy bathroom. The steam can help your child breathe easier, especially before going to sleep.

Cool water and juices can soothe throats irritated by frequent coughs. These fluids will also keep your child well hydrated. Avoid orange juice and carbonated beverages, which can worsen throat pain.

Book an appointment online or by phone to learn more about treating coughs.

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